Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Continuum presents Meditation Lounge

Houston's newest Performance Art Group has prepared a meditative oasis at HCC Northline. So if you're feeling a little stressy, take some time to go check it out.

With the desire for creating an oasis for the students of HCC Northeast Campus and for the general public to escape the daily routine, Continuum, a new performance art group in Houston, has developed a series of interactive installations called "Meditation Stations" to be on view and functioning at the campus gallery, which is situated in the first floor, dead center in the middle of the building. Some of the stations feature written and audible instructions, allowing the participants to immerse themselves into a state of deep relaxation and self awareness.

The Meditation Lounge will be open to the public Monday through Thursday 8am to 8pm, from June 20th to July 14th 2011. There will not be an opening reception because such an event would defeat the purpose of this exhibition. However, Continuum will hold a BYOP (Bring Your Own Performance) event in the Lounge, in which they will hold initiation rituals for their new members. If you are interested in witnessing these special occurrences, or performing at the event, please email

Gallery Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8am-8pm,
Curated by Jonatan Lopez
Facilitated by Continuum
Special thanks to Tina Kotrla

Continuum's participating members:

Meghan Carey, Koomah, Jonatan Lopez, Raindawg, Hilary Scullane, Julia Wallace, Sway Youngston.

In “A Cleansing Ritual,” Julia Wallace shares a personal practice that she uses before she enters meditation. At the entrance to the Meditation Lounge, Julia offers special water that has been infused with powerful, positive energy through a group performance. Guests are given suggested directions for using the water ritualistically to prepare themselves to meditate.

"In-TENSE-ity" by Sway Youngston aims to completely relax the subject by tensing each muscle group in the body, recognizing the tension that already exists there, and completely releasing it. The subject will then be guided through mental tension liberation wherein negative emotions are acknowledged and released. “In-TENSE-ity” is a guided meditation delivered via audio recording. Subjects will lie on the cushions provided, put on headphones, and drift away.

Zen of Childhood, by Koomah, is a guided meditation that invites people to see the world through the eyes of a child. Video images include playing in a sandbox, bubbles, and washing hands. Accompanying music guides performers into a meditative relationship with the child-self.

In Tea Bliss, Raindawg employs a collection of teacups, stones, wind, and chimes to invite you on a trip to inner space. When you place a stone in a teacup, the sound of wind and chimes will carry you to a place to which there is no road.

About Continuum:

Continuum is a group of performance artists that came together in a performance art workshop facilitated by Julia Wallace in March and April of 2011. They are connected in the desire to help and encourage each other's self discovery through performance, as well as a desire to give the gift of performative expression to others. Continuum aspires to create an encouraging and safe atmosphere for each other as well as the community to explore and express themselves through the medium of performance art. For more information about Continuum please visit

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