Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alter Egos and Other Loves

Hi Sexy Houstonians and Performance Art Lovers. My name is Anita Latinlova, I am from Spain but I love America and I love Performance ART. I am a journalist currently working for The Houston Entertainicle (Your must reliable and honest source of news in Houston) and I was recently invited by artist Julia Wallace to write for this blog, and well... I am just so excited, here goes my first post:

Recently there has been an epidemic of alter egos popping out of the conceptual wombs of performance artists in Houston. Such is the case of super sexy Mr.Overdone (currently living inside artist Jennifer Tyburczy) who has been seducing Houston audiences with his unique gender-bending-neo-burlesque style performances .

Mr. Overdone, Courtesy of Loriana Espinel

Another whimsical alter ego is an irresistible macho man named D.R.E.D. (currently living inside artist MilDRED Gerestant) who enjoys highlighting gender issues through a variety of art forms such as spoken word, monologue and drag just to name a few. With his/her work, D.R.E.D achieves to show us what it means "To be yourself" disregarding what society might think.

D.R.E.D. Courtesy of

More recently, an investigative performer named Zarvin Mindler (Currently living inside artist Emily Sloan) has been spotted around town. Art Car lovers reported seeing a mysterious looking Mindler closely examining the comings and goings at The Houston Art Car Parade. Mindler also published a report about the alleged doll abuse happening inside the icy white cube gallery called The Kenmore. (I don't know if this is just a coincidence but Zarvin Mindler sounds very similar to Marvin Zindler , a former Houston Press reporter, how strange).

Zarvin Mindler, Courtesy of Zarvin Mindler

And last but not least, there is me. I live inside an artist named Jonatan Lopez who also goes by (the artist that does not want to be named ) and more recently by, Roscoe Lopez. As of now, I only live inside the internet and in printed media, but one day I would love to see the real world. I heard is a tough world but I am a tough girl and I know I can take it.

Anita Latinlova, Courtesy of Hilary Scullane

D.R.E.D and Mr.Overdone will be performing this Sunday 5th at OTHER LOVES: Celebrating Queer Artists. Their performance entitled "We are Each Other's Lover's in Training" will invite us on a journey of gender transformation and share with us intimate moments of love and connection within, between, and outside the gender binary of "man" and "woman."

My alter ego, Jonatan Lopez, is also part of the show. He will dedicate his performance aptly titled "Other Loves" to the loves that could have been but weren't meant to, as he does unspeakable things to their photographs.

Other participating artists are Stephanie Saint Sanchez, Rob Baker, Stallina Villareal and many more.

Location: Houston Institute for Culture, 708-C Telephone Rd.
Time: Sunday June 5th from 6-8pm
For more info, visit

In conclusion, perhaps that show on the cable net called "The United States of Tara" might have something to do with this alter-ego-gender-bending multiple personality madness. Or perhaps there is something in the water that artists choose to drink that is causing them to act this way. One thing is for sure, Alter-ego-ness is innovative, fun, contagious, and its coming your way.

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