Thursday, August 5, 2010


Nancy Wozny just wrote a great story for CULTURE MAP!

photo by craig hart christie jr.

It briefly mentions an old collective I was a part of named PERFORMANCE ART LAB, which was an amazing and wonderful collective.

In case you happened to wonder who was in Performance Art Lab and who it was that created all of the awesome art that they made, here is an informative quote from the founder of PAL:

As the founder and original facilitator of the Performance Art Lab, I feel it is important to say that though there were many people who took my Performance Art Lab class during the four semesters of its existence at U of H, there are a few students who I personally consider are the main influential members of the group’s original artistic language. The class organically became a collective by the end of the fourth semester as some of the students repeatedly kept on taking the class. I personally believe that the following students are responsible for the aesthetics developed during those performative formative two-year experiments that ended in 2008. Their names in alphabetical order are: Drew Bettge, Lindsay Burleson, Nancy Douthey, Ian Fernandez, Brian McCord, Patrick O’Brien, Nick Teel, Tyson Urich and Julia Wallace. Three later influential students that joined the group during the last semester of 2008 are: Aisen Caro Chacin, Claudia Cruz and Christian Ochoa.