Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thank you for an amazing show.

Performance Art Houston was a huge success, thank you to everyone who came, more info and pics will be posted as they surface.

if you have pics! LEMME KNOW!

Check out these great pics from Craig Hart Christie Jr.

Friday, March 12, 2010



PERFORMANCE ART HOUSTON curated by Julia Wallace

March 27, 2010, 8:00-10:00pm (one night only), free

El Rincon Social, 3210 Preston, Houston, Tx 77003

Houston, Texas, March 5, 2010- Performance Art Houston, an art exhibition curated by Julia Wallace, presents new performance based work from young, Houston performance artists on March 27, 2010 at the alternative art space, El Rincon Social. The exhibition will include a number of live art pieces, interactive art experiences, and performance-based video art. The exhibition includes works that explore the shocking, intimate, sexual, provocative, simple and spiritual. This exhibition will bring to light the new performance art that is happening in Houston.

PERFORMANCE ART HOUSTON is a gathering together of performance and performance based work that has been previously presented in alternative Houston art events such as Free Press SummerFest 2009 and Notsuoh’s Performance Art Night, an event that has become notorious for its shocking, provocative, yet often touching performances, often invoking the criticism ‘this is not art’. Performance Art Houston will bring these controversial and exciting pieces together and place them in the context of a traditional art exhibition for the first time.

Artists include: Patrick O’Brien Doyle, Jacob Calle, Travis Kerschen, NICKTEEL, Brian and Stevie McCord, Aisen Caro Chacin, Bethany Fort, Sway Youngston, Julia Claire Wallace, John Zambrano, Emily Sloan, Daniel Adame, John Richie and Melanie Jamison. Many of these artists were involved with sexyATTACK the Houston based geurilla art project that became a viral youtube video, as well as the paint slip and slide that was a huge hit last summer at SUMMERFEST. Julia Wallace and NICKTEEL created the controversial videos that were featured on Wayne Dolcefino’s Houston art expose’.

Patrick O’Brien Doyle will be showing two conceptual interactive pieces that use participants as a medium to create art pieces. Jacob Calle has created shocking video of his “stunts” including drinking and vomiting his own blood. Bethany Fort will perform a piece in which she destroys a designer bag, using its pieces to create multiple wearable items for attendees. Sway Youngston has created a dramatic movement exploring human relationships. John Zambrano will collaborate with local musicians for a disturbing, yet heartfelt noise piece entitled, “Chewing Off my own Dick.” Aisen Caro Chacin has created an interactive video piece, in which audience members are invited under a giant sheet in front of the projection of a donut. Julia Claire Wallace will present performance based video work that shares her quest for spiritual understanding through sometimes shocking means, such as urination and masturbation. She will also do a live interactive performance exploring sex and pride. John Richie will give a passionate speech imploring attendees to vote him as the next World Emperor. Melanie Jamison will enlist the help of attendees to create a participatory sound piece. Travis Kerschen will share video projection piece. Brian and Stevie McCord will have live sex during the exhibition in the privacy of a white “fuck box”. Daniel Adame will share a slow piece, using his breath to inflate a large bag around his head. Emily Sloan will invite attendees to join her in a relaxing ‘puppy pile’ and rest together as a group. NICKTEEL will dress as a black woman and sing a love song.

About the Curator- Julia Claire Wallace is a young Houston Performance Artist, recently graduated from the University of Houston with her BFA in Painting. She made her first exciting television debut as the ‘soda specialist’ in Wayne Dolcefino’s Houston Art expose. She is one of the founding members of sexyATTACK, Houston’s favorite geurilla surprise dance piece. She also served as a facilitator for Performance Art Lab, Houston’s most mischievous art collective. She is also the creator and curator of Performance Art Night, a monthly performance art event. She also created the Performance Art Houston Blog located at

Press Contact- Julia Wallace, 832-317-5185

Directions- El Rincon Social is located at 3210 Preston (between Roberts and Velasco Street) East of Downtown. From 45, exit Scott street and turn North on Scott (away from the University of Houston), continue on Scott as it becomes York Street, turn left on Preston (the small street past Harrisburg) cross over Roberts, El Rincon will be on your right.