Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sleep Over For ALL by Lindsey Slavin

There are many interesting events happening this week at the fabulous Skydive Art Space as part of Many-Mini Residency, an ambitious week long non-stop project facilitated by Sarrita Hunn and Ryan Thayer that has invited many artists to present experimental works within the realms of performance and unclassifiable art.

Such is the case of SLEEP OVER FOR ALL, and art event
by Lindsey Slavin.

 "Never made a prank call, participated in a massage train or a game of Never Have I Ever? Feel the urge to gush about that cute guy/girl you have a crush on and trust that your secret won't leave the circle? Wear your pajamas, BYOB or alcohol of choice, and get ready for a makeover, because we're going to be best friends after tonight," announces the artist.

Slavin's art event starts tonight at 10pm and it ends tomorrow at 2am, immediately followed by "Home Health Care" by June Woest, another wacky/cool event  that promises to sterilize Q-tips and tongue depressors in a mini-chocolate fondue fountain.

Strange enough for you?

Visit the Many-Mini website for a full schedule

and for more info about Skydive visit 

Skydive is located at 2041 Norfolk Street, Houston, Tx 

Oh and dont forget to bring ALCOHOL for Slavin's event, 
but drink responsibly.