Thursday, June 2, 2011

Check out Performances by Continuum at SUMMERFEST!!!

"Bring Towel in case of accidental orgasm!"

Continuum, a new performance art group that recently sprouted in H-Town is bringing to Free Press Summer Fest a series of performances centered around the body and its potential to heat things up.

Continuum's members Julia Wallace and Sway Youngston attempt to unofficially break a world record with their piece "MASSage Orgy." “Let's come together and release each others tensions,” says Youngston. While undermining the validity o
f the Guiness World Record, the artists will attempt to surpass it's stated record for a Massage Chain of 430 participants.

Roscoe Lopez (a man from another country) is sharing with us the power of Yoga Sutra. “Yoga Sutra is about recognizing how HOT we all are and about achieving unimaginable positions while having The Sex. We are forces of nature and are entitled to act like nature,” says Roscoe. Continuum's members pitched in to pay for Roscoe's plane ticket, so this is an opportunity you cannot miss to "Sexy It Up." (must bring Yoga mat or towel in case of accidental orgasm).

Continnum's special guest Y. E. Torres (ms. YET) will present a super sexy 30 minute class entitled "Belly Yoga." ms. YET has combined the benefits of traditional yoga poses with bellydance drills and postures to create a singular workout designed to increase flexibility, tone muscles, strengthen the body, open up the breath, and enhance your bellydance or yoga practice.

In addition, Continnum will do spontaneous performances amongst the sexy Houston crowd. Look for them on Sunday June 5th as the afternoon cools down and they heat things up at FREE PRESS SUMMER FEST.

Participating members for this event:

Julia Wallace, Jonatan Lopez, Sway Youngston, Bryce Galbraith, Angela Whitford, Kris Smith, Eric Ling, Raindawg, Skippy Cooper, and Meghan Carey.

Continuum's local guest: Multidisciplinary artist and Belly Dancer ms. YET

Continuum's guest from another country: Roscoe Lopez

Special thanks to the coolest music festival in H-Town: FREE PRESS SUMMER FEST

WARNING,Yoga Sutra will cause the following permanent side effects: Falling in love with yourself, having sexy thoughts while at the gym, public displays of affection, involuntary prolonged erections, promiscuity and a strange European accent.

(Above picture: Yoga Sutra practice with Roscoe Lopez and Sway Youngston, Photo Courtesy of Koomah)

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