Sunday, January 17, 2010

Naked Video Shoot

Muhhamidali is having a naked music video shoot.

This is one of my favorite bands, not only because the songs are all written about me (kidding), but because they are good. Plus they often have some really amazing performance art to accompany their performances, often involving babies or balloons or fake blood.

Here is all the info:

Hosted By:
MUHAMMADALi And freepress

Saturday, Feb 6, 2010 3:30 pm

freepress warehouse
3412 yupon

Muhhamidali says, "Well we need is for people to come and party and go crazy and get naked while we play a few songs!!! We will supply kegs, trashcans filled with dirt, balloons filled with cool stuff all you need to do is show up!!!!!"

Don't go unless youre willing to get naked, masks are acceptable, and i am guessing you could get away with panties only.

Yeah and if you get a chance to talk to the lead singer, tell him he is a cheating liar.
just kidding again.
i totally forgive him.
go, it'll be great.


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