Monday, January 4, 2010

Check it.


click on that shit!

This is one of the best things I have run across on the internet in a long time, apparently the Art Guys helped create it as part of the No Zoning show that was recently at the CAMH.

And since its wikipedia, i am guessing that if you have anything to add, you can. I haven't tried it yet though...

One of my favorite entries-

Jim Pirtle Is Forrest Gump
Artist Jim Pirtle produced a video parody of the famous Hollywood movie by lip-synching the actual appropriated soundtrack with himself in the starring role. Shooting entirely on the grounds of the Zocalo artists’ compound, he enlisted many artist friends (Nestor Topchy, Mark Flood, George Hixson, Michael Battey, Giles Lyon, The Art Guys, among others) to play various characters in the movie. The video was later screened at various underground and alternative venues such as Aurora Picture Show and Cue Foundation.

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