Thursday, January 7, 2010


I went to school with Francis Giampietro at the University of Houston, and I had the privilege of witnessing the performance pictured above.
Francis rolled this 500 million pound wheel around over and over and over and over until it looked like he was about to die, and then he rolled it over a few more times.
It reminded me of being in P.E. in middle school, when our coach made us run until we threw up.
I hated my coach.
Francis created a powerful experience, it was difficult to watch, in that I-can't-stop-looking sort of way.
I feel like i recognize myself in some of Francis' work, we seem to have a similar discomfort in our own skin.

He is having a show called, "Am I Demon" on January 15th (NEXT FRIDAY!!) at The Temporary Space 1320 Nance Street, Houston, TX, 77002. For more info click here.

He says, "the show on the 15th most likely wont have any live performance work in it. But I do feel that all the work in there is directly related to some task other than the making of the object itself."

Also you can check out his website here. He has a blog!

Here are his answers to my questions:

How does Performance Art Function for you?

Function? Um... well the little bit I have done has allowed me to expose aspects of myself and in doing so see these things from an alternate perspective. I’ve been able to get them outside of me and look at them from a distance. You can get a better look at the glass when you’re not drinking out of it.

How does living in Houston affect your performance art work?

Not entirely sure yet.

Describe a favorite performance art piece that you have done.

I don’t know if this is my favorite but I’m currently working on a project with another artist and recent UH graduate Terry Hurley. We are building various epic mark making devices and doing endurance sorts of performances with them. The first one was a strange amalgamation of a cross and a plow. These won't be in the show sorry.

The "performance" that has stuck with me the most so far has really been one I called Additive Sculpture. For this one I gave myself the task of taking on my younger brother's strict football diet and weight training regiment for 3 months in an attempt to reach 200lbs. I've been making sculptures based on this performance for a while now and some will be featured in the show "Am I Demon" on January 15th.

Name some of your performance art heroes. Who has inspired/influenced your performance art?

Janine Antoni, Shaun El C. Leonardo, Chris Burden, I’m into Kate Gilmore’s work right now, Matthew Barney’s earlier work (his sculpture is amazing!), and tons more.

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