Thursday, March 3, 2011


So why didn't anyone tell me to get myself to the CAMH already??? I popped in a couple of days ago on a whim, and I left feeling that fabulous kind of INTENSE art jealousy.
You know that feeling: FUCK! I wish, wish, wish, wish I had made that art.

Dear Clifford Owens,

I am sending you vibes of gratefulness for bringing fabulous art out of the collective unconscious and into the physical realm.
I am sending you these vibes in hopes that they counteract all the major art jealous hate vibes I accidentally sent you when I saw how bad ass your art exhibit at the CAMH is.


Julia Wallace

Clifford Owens gets bunches of people in small rooms and convinces them to do interesting things together, and then he takes these pictures of them and makes you REALLY wish you hadn't missed it.

He also finds really awesome historically significant performance artists and does performance art pieces with them (kinda like Jack White making music with Loretta Lynn). In the show there are pieces that he created with Patty Chang, Joan Jonas, William Pope L., and Carolee Schneemann. Woops, I just sent out more jealousy hate vibes. Sorry, Cliff. (If you ever google yourself and find this, please consider making art an art piece with me, your jealous fan-

Another thing I was happy to see was the Fluxus Lick Piece.

Here is the original-
Here is the Clifford Owens version-

And here is a version that was created for ART LIES in 2005 by 'Participation Art' a class led by Andrea Grover at the University of Houston featuring local performance artists- Emily Sloan, Lindsay B., Patrick Doyle, Nancy Douthey, Sebastian Forray, and ME!!

I felt like this exhibit is very relevant to the performance that has been going on in Houston. I am kind of embarrassed about how positive I am being but, I am just going to say it-
Bill Arning makes cool shit happen in Houston. I like his shows. I am glad he is here.

( To be more specific- No Zoning RULED, and I was a big fan of the Chantal Akerman show that happened at the Blaffer.)

I really should shake my feelings of disbelief that art I like is being shown in big, huge, funded exhibitions and just accept that Houston is way cooler than I thought.

Get over there, the Clifford Owens show is up til April 3!
And I guess I should also mention that there is a pretty rad show upstairs too.

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