Saturday, November 6, 2010

Were you @ Judy Chicago's Dinner Party in 1980??


Dear Julia,

I am trying to find the original participants of the Judy Chicago
"Dinner Party" when the show debuted in Houston at UHCL back in 1980.
Would you be able to send out my inquiry to any venues you know of -
especially other online blogs and other media? Please check out our
website and facebook.!/pages/Setting-the-Table-Judy-Chicago-at-UHCL/149848301725160?v=wall

Did YOU help bring The Dinner Party to the University of Houston-Clear
Lake thirty years ago?

Thirty-six thousand viewers filed past The Dinner Party, Judy
Chicago’s monumental feminist sculpture, at UHCL from March 8 through
June 1, 1980. An army of community supporters made that exhibition
possible. The University is trying to locate that army of volunteers.

If you were one of them, please e-mail Or if you
know someone who was a Dinner Party volunteer, please tell her or him
that the University is trying to find the volunteers.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its hosting of The Dinner
Party, UHCL is planning a major event in the spring, February 19
through April 4, 2011. Test plates and drawings for the 39 place settings will be on loan
here from ACA Galleries, Judy Chicago's representative in New York. As part of that event,
UHCL wants the 1980 volunteers to tell their stories of their
involvement in this major undertaking. If they are willing, they will
be part of a discussion of what it was like to be a Dinner Party
volunteer thirty years ago.


thanks very much,


  1. I wasn't a volunteer for the Dinner Party. However, I did attend the showing and plan to return for my thirtieth anniversary. I was a young teacher and this year I am retiring after thirty years in the CCISD. I was elated to know this inspirational work of art was returning. It was one of the major reasons I decided to pursue my career in the Clear Lake Area.

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