Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have been putting together Performance Art Nights at Notsuoh once a month. We just had the fourth night and it was the busiest yet. 

Hosted by FUTURE THIEF- Ian Fernandez

Jacob Calle opened up with a sexually explicit lecture on pain. He ended by demonstrating. Painful&exciting to watch. 

Travis Kerschen did a video projection piece, using notsuoH and the audience as his screen.

NICKTEEL turned the photographers of the night into his own paparazzi as he invited the audience to makeout with him. Daniel Adame and Aisen Chacin answered the call, then luckily 
for all of us, Claudia Cruz and Michelle crashed the party with some hot GIRLonGIRL action.

Melanie Jamison had a beautiful interactive projector set up as she shared a sound piece.

Claudia Cruz did a crowd interaction piece.

Julia Wallace provided a variety of stationary for the attendees to use for writing letters to strangers, then later she masturbated while covered in sugar.

(photo cred- Boby Kolloor! THANK YOU!!)

Dan Gordon, visiting us from NYC, collaborated with the crowd to create a madlibz about his beloved hometown, HOUSTON.

Aisen Chacin did a drunken auction piece that became a Jerry Springer piece that was so controversial it was shut down.

John Zambrano did a surprise performance that I believe was entitled- Sometimes I feel like chewing off my own dick.

There were also surprise performances by pretty Niki, and Lynn Wheatly (sp?) 

It was a helluva night, and this post just about kicked my ass.


If you want to be a part of the next one, send me an email. 

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