Friday, November 13, 2009


The first Performance Art Night ever!

To put it very briefly:

Jacob Calle opened with his standup, most memorably perhaps shoving a twenty inch balloon cock down his throat. HOTT!

Sway Youngston shared her first ever performance art piece, an impressive dance/drama-esque piece where she danced with and painted the backs of her attractive friends.

Claudia Cruz dutifully and silently served her boyfriend Ian Fernandez a scrambled egg dinner, while breaking eggs on maxi pads.

Aisen Caro Chacin did a piece about her father, drinking whiskey, smoking cigars and yelling at her to get a job. I especially enjoyed the part where she threw a plethora of paper airplanes into the crowd that happened to be made out of copies of her resume. You never know where you might get a job?

I ( JULIA WALLACE) read a love letter by myself, to myself while getting naked.

Travis Kerschen got the crowd to yell insults with him, as he heckled a friend dressed as himself from the crowd. Jim Pirtle joined in by throwing shoes at the fake Travis. Finally audience members put an end to the piece by getting on stage and giving fake Travis a big hug. <3

Shoulda been there.

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