Wednesday, August 19, 2009


FUK.BOX... an Carefully Unihibited Exhibition:

An examination of private intimacy between a married couple. A dedication of the desire for sexual intimacy between two people exclusively, within a public sphere. Such that two individuals, as a couple, dedicate their sexual energy to each other exclusively, in the presence of other people, which is the domain of marriage.

So you take an exclusive couple and you place them in public. They maintain the sovereignty of their union, even while the world whirls around them.

Also, their actions within the box are private, even while in the public sphere.

There is also an examination of simultaneity, as what is occurring within the box, and what is occurring outside the exhibition, within homes in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition, are made similiar. HOPEFULLY....
thereby bridging the gap formed around the gallery as locus for the virtual experience of art appreciation, which dwells in the realm of secondness.

The.McCords: Stevie and Myself are a married couple. We re-met each other after MANY YEARS and much experience gained since our previous parting. We function as support and inspiration for one another, as we progress through life.

Our own private emotional evolutions, and appreciation of others, are what we hope to make public, safely and with beneficial gains for all, through Performance and other artistic mediums.

We have felt tremendous resistance from outside our marriage, toward our marriage, and Artistic Endeavor is our means of broadcasting a beneficial message, one stating the sanctity of our union, love's ties, our cumulative world views, revisited and revised on the fly, and finally, the nature of overcoming odds.

Thank you for appreciating our Art. May It Mean for You.

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